Artist donates 1,800 paintings to Brooklyn hospital, one for every employee

A medical clinic in Brooklyn got a unique conveyance this week during the coronavirus pandemic: A truckload of 1,800 works of art, one for each worker, each speaking to a bloom.

The canvases were made and given by Los Angeles-based craftsman Michael Gittes, whose works have been appeared at The National Portrait Gallery in London, the Park Avenue Armory in New York, and even in the neutral territory among North and South Korea.

“At the tallness of the pandemic, Michael had this splendid plan to give an artwork to each and every worker at an emergency clinic, explicitly in New York, on the grounds that New York was battling it the hardest,” Eli Bronner, Gittes’ director and vendor, told.

Gittes enrolled Bronner to assist him with finding the ideal emergency clinic for the gift.

In view of Gittes’ determinations, it must be a non-benefit clinic in an underserved network, with an emergency unit coronavirus patients. It must be little enough for Gittes to have the option to paint an extraordinary, unique artistic creation for each and every staff part, from the specialists and overseers to the janitors, security watchmen and cafeteria laborers, Bronner said..

They concluded that Interfaith Medical Center in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood would be the ideal fit for the venture.

A composition from the "Strangers to No One" venture by Michael Gittes.

A composition from the “Aliens to No One” anticipate by Michael Gittes.

At the pinnacle of the coronavirus disease in New York, Interfaith Medical Center was about 90% involved by patients experiencing coronavirus, emergency clinic CEO LaRay Brown told

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